Together, with 37 other churches, and over 33,000 people, we're unleashing 1,000,000 acts of love on our city.

100 Act of Love Ideas

1.  Watch a single parent’s kids for free.

2.  Pay someone a compliment.

3.  Pick up trash in a neighbor's yard.

4.  Hand-deliver a neighbor’s newspaper.

5.  Smile and say hi.

6.  Bake treats for neighbors or coworkers.

7.  Visit an elderly person on your block. 

8.  Buy coffee for construction workers.

9.  Offer to pay for a session of counseling at CityCare Counseling.

10.  Open a door for someone.

11.  Return a grocery cart in a parking lot. 

12.  Mow and trim a neighbor’s lawn.

13.  Send a card to a friend.

14.  Pay a bill for someone in need.

15.  Buy the coffee of the person in line behind you.

16.  Wash a neighbor’s car.

17.  Pay for the meal of someone in the military. 

18.  Encourage a caregiver. 

19.  Pick up the groceries for an elderly neighbor or drive him or her to the grocery store. 

20.  Give a ridiculously high tip to a waiter.

21.  Send a thank-you note to first responders in the community (police, EMTs, firefighters).

22.  Thank your cashier.

23.  Pray with someone who is dealing with challenges in his or her life. Invite him or her to resources at CCC, such as Renewal Groups

24.  Get our your kickball and invite the neighborhood kids to play.

25.  Visit a nursing home to sit and talk with someone who doesn’t get many visitors. Ask the front desk who doesn’t receive visitors.

26.  Ask to sit with someone who is alone at lunch.

27.  Compliment someone every day.

28.  Stand with the homeless on the corner and ask him or her to share his or her story.

29.  Write a letter of encouragement to someone. 

30.  Buy walkie-talkies to share with a neighbor.

31.  Provide your mailman and garbageman with cold bottled water.

32.  Offer to change the oil in someone’s car.

33.  Invite a neighbor over for coffee.

34.  Use the cashier’s name when you buy groceries.

35.  Give someone a ride. 

36.  Send a card to someone who has recently lost a loved one.

37.  Call someone instead of texting.

38.  Leave quarters at a laundry mat. 

39.  Visit a CCC homebound person.

40.  Give free hugs.

41.  Donate new or like-new items to the Open Door Mission or to someone in need.

42.  Do a chore for a family member.

43.  Pay for a stranger's parking meter.

44.  Take time to listen.

45.  Put together a small care package for a homeless person.

46.  Run errands for a homebound person.

47.  Pick up someone’s tab at a restaurant.

48.  Pay for someone’s gas at a gas station.

49.  Pay the toll of someone in line behind you. 

50.  Return your neighbor’s empty garbage cans to his or her garage.

51.  Rake leaves for your neighbor.

52.  Give your boss a small gift or a compliment.

53.  Give out water bottles at a park on a hot day.

54.  Host a neighborhood BBQ.

55.  Walk your neighbor’s dog.

56.  Bring lunch for teachers at your child’s school.

57.  Give a great book to a friend. 

58.  Help someone who is moving. 

59.  Pray for or with someone in need.

60.  Post something encouraging on Facebook.

61.  Write a note to your child’s teacher.

62.  Tell a joke.

63.  Hang out with someone who just moved to town.

64.  Send an email or letter to a teacher who made a difference in your life.

65.  Let someone else have the parking space.

66.  Try to make sure every person in a group conversation feels included.

67.  Send flowers anonymously to the receptionist at work.

68.  Write your spouse or significant other a list of the things you love about him or her. 

69.  Talk to someone at work with whom you’ve never spoken before. 

70.  Send dessert to another table.

71.  Make two lunches and give one away.

72.  Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand.

73.  Do the dishes, even if it’s your roommate's turn.

74.  Give someone the rest of your pack of gum.

75.  Be kind to the customer service rep on the phone or at the store.

76.  Share overheard compliments.

77.  Set up an Amazon Smile account. Amazon will donate to a charity of your choosing every time you make a purchase.

78.  Purchase fun school supplies for a teacher you know. 

79.  Put an encouraging note in your kid’s or spouse’s lunch. 

80.  After a wedding or party, donate the flowers to a nursing home. 

81.  Write a positive review online for a restaurant or business.

82.  Take a small gift basket to a neighbor.

83.  Learn the names of the people you see every day, like security guards, receptionists, and custodial staff.

84.  Follow up with someone who is going through a tough time.

85.  Post a positive note at school or work.

86.  Buy a small just-because gift for someone.

87.  Let another car merge in front of you.

88.  Hold the elevator door for others.

89.  If you see someone who looks lost and might need help with directions, don't wait for him or her to ask for help. 

90.  Make cheerful get-well cards and deliver them to a hospital or nursing home.

91.  Dog- or cat-sit for free.

92.  Help someone struggling with heavy bags.

93.  Host a clean-up party at your local park.

94.  Bring a security guard a hot cup of coffee.

95.  Take a meal to a family that just had a baby or other major life event.

96.  Bake a homemade cake for the birthday person.

97.  Attend your friend's child's sporting event and cheer for him or her.

98.  Buy the stuff the neighborhood kid is selling.

99.  Do the task no one else wants to do.

100.  Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

User submitted ideas:

- Make May Day baskets and deliver May 1st to neighbors or nursing home residents.

- Visit someone in a nursing home.

- Go out of your way to encourage someone who is sick.

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