Who We Are


 We are all for Jesus

Jesus saves us from our past, remakes us to be like him, heals our broken places, and is coming back as our king.


 We are empowered by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit within us enables us to live life beyond belief—a life filled with joy, purpose, and power. We live in a supernatural reality that includes yet transcends the physical universe.


 We encounter the Father daily

God the Father speaks to us through the Bible and we commune with him through prayer.


 We do life together

“Community” is our middle name. Every person of every generation is wanted, needed, and known. And there’s always room for one more.


 We are contributors, not consumers

We do not attend church, we are the Church, and we exist in and for the world.


We bring the best news ever to the least-reached people

It is our privilege to take the gospel around the world. We focus on the hardest places in the world where all the odds are stacked against us.


 We are outrageously generous

We are most like God when we are generous. It’s all God’s anyway.


 We are on mission to reach one more

Every person matters to God, so every person matters to us. God invites every one of us to join him in his great mission to reach one more—one more coworker, neighbor, family member, and friend.