CityCare Counseling

CityCare Counseling provides professional mental health counseling and therapy services. Our licensed professional counselors offer confidential and private faith-based therapy. Our therapists apply biblical dynamics of change and current evidence-based intervention to your concerns with a distinctive holistic approach.

Pastoral Counseling

Christ Community Church provides counseling from members of the pastoral staff and lay counselors trained to provide biblical advice or spiritual counsel to those in need. Financial counseling is also available at CCC. 


We have a God who hears our cries. We serve a God who answers prayers. Prayer ministry, in its various expressions, is foundational to the work of the church and is essential to life as a believing community. We offer prayer in different forms to intercede for you, grow your faith, and experience God’s love. 

Inner Healing

Immanuel Prayer is practical training in deepening your intimacy with God so relational barriers and painful life experiences can be resolved. Theophostic Prayer Ministry creates an environment where people find relief from emotional pain through a personal encounter with God.

Physical Healing

While on earth, Jesus healed the bodies of many he encountered. We offer a team of people who pray and earnestly seek to be Jesus’ healing hands to those experiencing physical pain, disease, and disorder. 

One-On-One Care

(Stephen Ministry)

Stephen Ministry is composed of men and women trained to provide confidential one-on-one care to people experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, aging, loneliness, spiritual crisis, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment.

Stephen Ministers have a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a season of need. 

Renewal Groups

Renewal Groups at Christ Community Church provides support, connection, and hope in a small, peer-led group setting.

Experience renewal in your life by connecting with trained volunteers, professional and pastoral counselors, and others experiencing similar dificult life circumstances. All groups meet at Christ Community Church. 

Spiritual Formation

(Pathways to Spiritual Formation)

Dallas Willard says: “Spiritual formation in a Christian tradition answers a specific human question: What kind of person am I going to be?” At CCC, Pathways to Spiritual Formation is a group of sojourners that are dedicated to the ongoing transformation of life through experiential discovery. Seek God with them through various classes and events offered to form your spirit by engaging God’s spirit. 

Elderly Care

(Silver Tsunami)

Silver Tsunami is a Bible-based ministry to the elderly, infirm, those with dementia, the sick, and the dying. The training prepares people for talking one-on-one, eye-to-eye, building a relationship through weekly visits, caring, listening, and sharing the Gospel. Those commissioned may be connected with residents in care centers or with CCC homebound members. The training also helps equip those caring for aging parents and grandparents. 

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in serving.  For more info, contact Paul Gedden / / 402.740.2532

In this course, we will study the theology of soul care through the redemptive and historical narrative structure of the Bible as we return to our heritage as students of both the Scriptures and of the soul. Our purpose will be to infuse our spiritual friendships with Christian theology and to equip the body of Christ to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth.

Class to begin September 24th Room P541

Pastor Marc Montanye / 402.216.3538 /

Soul Physicians