We want to help students discover the beauty of their own stories and connect to the great story that God has been writing through all of history.

Sundays in the Student Center / 6–8 PM

On Sunday evenings, we connect for music, teaching, games, discussions, friendship, and good food in the cafe. It’s a chance to enjoy yourself and go as deep as you want to go in relationship with other people your age. 

Journey Groups / Late August–April

Ask honest questions, study Scripture, be invested in by a Christ-following adult, and share life with a small group of peers as you develop deep and lasting friendships. It’s a chance for you to get to know other people and hear their stories. It’s also a chance to hear from leaders and mentors who can help you find the life you were meant to live.

Groups meet during Sunday Nights at the Student Center. To register or get more information, contact Allison at allisond@cccomaha.org.

Get Involved

We want to help you find a lasting faith, so we keep our Sunday mornings open. This gives you a chance to attend a service, volunteer around the church, and spend time with the broader community. As you do this, you will interact with people ahead of you and behind you in faith. It will stretch you, teach you and ultimately it will give you a chance to grow more than you ever realized you could!

See current serving opportunities.


Events & Trips

Journey Group Kickoff and Finale

These celebrations introduce (Kickoff) and wind down (Finale) our Journey Group year. We build community while having fun and celebrating what God is doing.

Annually / August & April

Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat is a great break from the normal routine and an awesome opportunity to grow spiritually, get connected, bring friends, and build relationships. It’s an event students won’t forget!

Annually / Early November


Summer Trips

Trips are on a three-year rotation between international mission trip, national mission trip, and LIFE National Youth Conference. This rotation gives students a wide variety of insight into the hurt and need in our world and what God is calling us to do about it.  

Annually / Summer

Student C4

Student C4 is leadership training intended to help students who have been following Christ pursue a deeper relationship with him and make a more radical commitment to his commands. It meets two Wednesday nights a month throughout the school year.

Every Other Year / Fall–Spring


Brad Mock

Director of High School Ministry
Ordained Minister

Favorite restaurant: Hartland Bar-B-Que
Favorite retro toy: Micro Machines
Best vacation ever: Tent camping with the buffalos at Custer State Park, South Dakota
Little-known facts: I love remodeling projects around the house, hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the Buckeyes. I also love to camp and have big plans with the family to do some road trip tent camping adventures in the coming summers.
Why student ministry? I love getting to speak into students' lives during the years when they’re making big decisions about life and faith. Plus, it’s a ton of fun!



Assistant Director of High School Ministry
Licensed Minister

Favorite restaurant: Kitchen Table
Favorite retro toy: Cabbage Patch Kids
Best vacation ever: South Carolina with my family
Little-known facts: I love missions, traveling, exercising, and laughing. I love to create and recreate through photography and home projects with my husband.
Why student ministry? Because students are amazing, they love well, laugh hard, play hard, and are looking for what is true and real. Students are passionate about what they love and are trying to figure out what that is and how to live it out. I love to create spaces for them to figure out these life questions and I love being a part of their journey.



High School Ministry
Licensed Minister

Favorite Restaurant: Hiro 88
Favorite retro toy: Rubiks Cube
Best Vacation Ever: Honeymoon in Nederlands, CO
Little-known facts: I have studied 4 languages besides English
Why student ministry?: High school is when God reached me and I wanted to be used by God to reach the students at CCC and in all of Omaha.



High School Ministry

Favorite Restaurant: Lisa’s Radial Cafe
Favorite retro toy: Hot Wheels or GameBoy Advanced
Best vacation ever: My family and I went to Seattle and Vancouver for about a week and it was a blast.
Little-known facts: I love table tennis but I’m not very good at it, I think it would be really cool to go camping in all of the National Parks, The only social media I use is Facebook, my favorite days are rainy days, I’ve always wished I owned a truck but instead I drive a Civic
Why Student ministry?: I am passionate about discipleship and teaching others. I have always loved building relationships and I really wanted to make an impact on High School student’s lives because it is such a formative time. I also have the opportunity to see what really active ministry looks like and have a lot to learn!

Serve in High School Ministry

Join a fun and dynamic team of volunteers.

Spend time connecting and sharing God’s love with High Schoolers.

Before you fill out the form, please check out HSM Potential Volunteers that has more information about the ministry, the importance of investing in the lives of students, and the opportunities available! After filling out the form, the staff will connect with you to get information for a background check and to set up a time to meet and get to know each other! At the meeting you’ll hear more about the ministry and talk through your thoughts and desires for serving in Student Ministry.

Elizabeth Bartz / elizabethb@cccomaha.org