We want to help students discover the beauty of their own stories and connect to the great story that God has been writing through all of history.

Sunday Nights at the Student Center / 6–8 PM

Gather Sunday evenings for music, teaching, games, discussions, friendship, and good food in the cafe. See current serving opportunities.

Journey Groups / Late August–April

Ask honest questions, study Scripture, be invested in by a Christ-following adult, and share life with a small group of peers as you develop deep and lasting friendships. Groups meet Sunday nights at the Student Center. To register or get more information, contact Allison at allisond@cccomaha.org.

Events & Trips

Journey Group Kickoff and Finale

These celebrations introduce (Kickoff) and wind down (Finale) our Journey Group year. We build community while having fun and celebrating what God is doing.

Annually / August & April

Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat is a great break from the normal routine and an awesome opportunity to grow spiritually, get connected, bring friends, and build relationships. It’s an event students won’t forget!

Annually / Early November


Cou-O-Rama is a scavenger hunt like you’ve never seen before with cameras, couches, and special guests! It’s a day of seeking the most points and having the most fun with friends both old and new.

Annually / October


Summer Trips

Trips are on a three-year rotation between international mission trip, national mission trip, and LIFE National Youth Conference. This rotation gives students a wide variety of insight into the hurt and need in our world and what God is calling us to do about it.  

Annually / Summer

Student C4

Student C4 is leadership training intended to help students who have been following Christ pursue a deeper relationship with him and make a more radical commitment to his commands. It meets two Wednesday nights a month throughout the school year.

Every Other Year / Fall–Spring


Brad Mock

High School Pastor
x 427

Favorite restaurant: Hartland Bar-B-Que
Favorite retro toy: Micro Machines
Best vacation ever: Tent camping with the buffalos at Custer State Park, South Dakota
Little-known facts: I’m no pro at it yet, but I love remodeling projects around the house. I’m a morning guy and love getting up at 6 every day, and I wish I was fluent in Spanish and am always trying to learn as much as I can. I love to camp and have big plans with the family to do some pretty awesome road trip tent camping adventures in the coming summers.
Why student ministry? Students are passionate—when challenged to do something big for Jesus, they aren’t as likely to think through all the ifs; they’re more likely to just passionately follow God. I love getting to speak into their lives in these years when they’re making these lifelong decisions. Plus, I’m not sure you can have more fun in ministry than in student ministry!


High School Director
x 426

Favorite restaurant: Kitchen Table
Favorite retro toy: Cabbage Patch Kids
Best vacation ever: South Carolina with my family
Little-known facts: I love missions, traveling, exercising, and laughing. I love to create and recreate through photography and home projects with my husband.
Why student ministry? Because students are amazing, they love well, laugh hard, play hard, and are looking for what is true and real. Students are passionate about what they love and are trying to figure out what that is and how to live it out. I love to create spaces for them to figure out these life questions and I love being a part of their journey.

Riley Stauffer

High School Resident
x 425

Favorite restaurant: Flippin’ Sweet (Kearney, NE)
Favorite retro toy: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Best vacation ever: Staying in a cabin at Estes Park with my whole family
Little-known facts: Whenever I eat pancakes or waffles, I have to heat up my syrup; it just doesn’t taste the same if it’s cold. I really enjoy reading, but it takes me forever to finish a book because I’m such a slow reader. I make rap music, but I don’t rap.
Why student ministry? High school is a crazy, fun, and sometimes scary ride full of decisions that affect the rest of our lives. When I was a student, I didn’t have a great leader to show me how to make the right decisions. As a result of that, I just followed what everyone else did and strayed away from my faith. I want to be the leader to students that I didn’t have in my youth and point them back to Christ in every way possible.


Seth Herdle

High School Resident
x 425

Favorite restaurant: Chick-fil-A and Chipotle
Favorite retro toy: Metal Slinky
Best vacation ever: Galapagos Island honeymoon
Little-known facts: I'm diabetic and run on a single AAA battery.
Why student ministry? I love student ministry because it’s a place for students to come, have fun, and learn more about their Creator and Savior. I also love it because it's a place you can go to share your hurts and feelings with people you can trust. Student ministry is a place to build up friendships that can last a lifetime. It's amazing to see God at work in and throughout students' lives. I want to be an instrument that God uses to change lives. I love to see God work.



High School Resident

Favorite restaurant: Qdoba
Favorite retro toy: Tamagotchi
Best vacation ever: Europe during college to learn about church history
Little-known facts: I love to journal and I have several full journals from high school, college, and the beginning of marriage that are really special to me. I love to try out new hobbies like learning the piano, knitting with a loom, and slowly becoming a master at Sudoku. I like a clean house and I have three dogs, so I vacuum my house every one to two days.
Why student ministry? Growing up, student ministry played a huge role in my life. Life-giving community is critical in this stage and I love helping to create this for students and having the opportunity to speak truth into them.