Marc's story

My childhood left scars that seemed they could never heal. Born to unwed teen parents, I experienced a difficult life. When I was 11, my father asked me to hand-deliver his suicide note to my mother. And though my teen years were relatively normal, the effects of my past and my choices as an adult would devastate my life. 

I met my wife Sharon and we had three boys. College and work strained our relationship and Sharon broke down. She needed me to be a husband and father. I quit school but became bitter and vowed to leave once the kids were old enough. Eight years later I decided that time had come. I had convinced myself that Sharon didn’t love me and neither did the boys, so I left my family and filed for divorce.

After I left, I began reading the Bible and going to church, looking for something to fill the hole in my life. I had no idea who God was until someone explained Him to me. Months of reading Scripture changed how I saw myself: I was a sinner. The life I had created for myself was not the life God intended for me to live. I began to understand how I could honor Him: forgive, love, obey, believe and follow Christ.

In July 2010, I prayed to God that I would live the rest of my life in service to Him. I lost everything, including my job and home, and I had to start over, but I was willing to sacrifice everything for Christ. In September, Sharon and I began to talk civilly and God began to redeem our marriage.

Sharon and I attended groups and classes offered at CCC, as well as Sunday worship. Through Relationships 101, DivorceCare, Love & Respect, Redemption, Men of Integrity and Theophostic Prayer Ministry, we grew spiritually and continue to grow in our relationships with our children, family members, friends, each other, and most importantly, with God.

–Marc Montanye

Renewal Groups



Tuesdays / 7 PM

Battling addictions to alcohol and other drugs can cause instability, guilt, and even shame in a person's life and the lives of those around them. Addictions can also cause men and women to put up walls around their hearts and emotions. Join others who have faced the same challenges in a non-judgmental environment to tear down the walls that keep us from living a life filled with forgiveness and freedom through the love of Christ Jesus.

For more info, contact Jessica Hawley /


Tuesdays / 7 PM

Separation and divorce can be the most painful and stressful experiences you'll face. It's a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you've never faced before. DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding.

For more info, contact Mary Lou Rodgers /

Forming: Change by Grace 

Tuesdays / 7 PM / 12 weeks

Experience a fresh approach to growth and restoration that may be very different from what you have tried before. Instead of relying on willpower and self effort to bring about change, we help you build a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to change you from the inside out. Learn how to “align your sail” to catch the wind of God’s Spirit through in class experiential learning exercises.

Topics include relational vs. judicial view of God, prayer as conversation, solitude, self-rejection, fear, and relational maturity.

 November 5, 2019–February 25, 2020 / 7–8:45 PM / Room D227 / Workbook $25 / Facilitated by Dawn and Gary Belknap / Register at My CCC

Fresh Hope

Tuesdays / 7 PM / Ongoing

Fresh Hope provides a safe setting for people who have mood disorders, and family and friends. Share insights, progress and setbacks, exchange encouragement in a Christian context to find joy and purpose.

For more info, contact Jessica Hawley /

Friends of Suicide Loss

Last Thursday of the month / 6:30 PM

Friends of Suicide Loss (FOSL) is a group for those recovering from losing a friend of family member to suicide. Sharing openly with others who have experienced a similar loss can help with the healing process.

Last Thursday of the month / 6:30–8PM / For teens, college-age students, and young adults / For more info, contact Cindy / 402.995.3118 /

If you need help or are in crisis, call 1.800.273.8255 or text TEEN to 839863 (7:30 AM–11:30 PM)


Tuesdays / 6:30 PM

If you have lost a loved one (recent or in the past), and have yet to complete your journey from mourning to joy, let the GriefShare team introduce you to compassionate ways of discovering your new normal and God's purpose beyond your loss. 

Tuesdays / 14 weeks / 6:30 PM / I-188 / Contact Deb Jones / 402.658.0767 /

Hannah's Prayer

1st & 3rd Tuesdays / 7 PM 

Community of married woman experiencing primary or secondary infertility who provide support and encouragement.

For more info, contact Diane /

Hope After Betrayal

Tuesdays / 7 PM 

When the dream of the ideal relationship, marriage, or family has been shattered, hope is needed to restore and become whole again.

Tuesdays / 7 PM / Rooms 260 & 261 / For more info, contact Nancy Hanson / / 308.631.1200

Men of Integrity

Tuesdays / 7 PM

Men of Integrity helps men address lust in a safe, supportive, grace-filled environment that promotes honesty with self, others, and God. New arrivals are welcome any week.

For more info, visit or contact Wendell Nelson /


Tuesdays / 7 PM

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Family to Family Education program is a free 11-week course for family members of individuals with severe mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar, major depression, etc.). Sessions include current information about mental illness, medications, evidence-based effective treatments to promote recovery, community resources, and supportive strategies. Materials are free, but class size is limited and registration is required. 

For more info or to register, contact John and Karen / 402.932.7229.

Relationships 101

Thursdays / 7 PM

Helps men build and maintain healthy, life-giving relationships. Explore issues such as boundaries, self-esteem, communication, and healing. 

For more info, contact Marc Montanye /

Seeds of Hope

1st & 3rd Thursdays / 7 PM

Does your past include sexual abuse that continues to creep into present life and relationships? There is hope. This group for women is a safe place to explore the whats and whys, and how to find freedom from the past.

For more info and to sign up, contact Gloria / 402.968.0395 /

Stephen Minister Training

Do others find it easy to talk with you about life’s challenges? Do you have a heart for helping those who are walking through tough times? A Stephen Minister is a trained lay person who walks alongside those experiencing things like grief, job loss, financial difficulty, loneliness, or relationship issues. 

Applications are received year-round.  Interviews occur each October and November.  The annual training class runs weekly January through May.

For more information, contact any of the Stephen Ministry leaders:

Kurtis Kammerer / / 402.682.1088           
Sherri Esterling / / 402.332.7369
Lorraine Street / / 402.964.0841
Michael Wheelock / / 402.850.5208     
Paul Gedden / / 402.740.2532

Sign up to be a Stephen Minister