Holiday Traditions

What makes a tradition a tradition? Traditions can be big or small.  They are done with a specific purpose in mind and require some thought and intentionality.  Meg Cox, the author of “The Book of New Family Traditions”, defines family ritual as “any activity you purposefully repeat together, as a family that includes heightened attentiveness and something extra that lifts it above the ordinary rut.”  Traditions, when done right, lend a certain magic, spirit and texture to our everyday lives.

They provide a source of identity, strengthen the family bonds, and they offer comfort and security.  They also pass on a cultural and religious heritage, connect the generations and create memories.

How do you define tradition in your family?  Was it started when you were a child?  Did you take that tradition and carry it through into your family, or have you created some of your own, as you started having a family?

Between now and Christmas, we will be blogging about why traditions are important, how they come about, and give you some ideas of traditions some of us have.  We would also love to hear some of your family traditions!

Shelley Brooks

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