Family Traditions Continued

The next few blogs will be some Thanksgiving traditions from some of us a CCC. We started the tradition several years ago, of writing on the cream colored tablecloth, that we used for Thanksgiving dinner.  We would each write 1 or 2 things we were thankful for that year, making sure we dated it.  We would write with a laundry pen, so the writing didn't come off in the wash.  Each year, as we brought that tablecloth back out and put it on the table, we would look back at how God, year after year, had provided or blessed us.

Our kids are now grown and married, so we are going to have to create some new traditions, that include new spouses at the table.  What traditions have you created, I would be interested to hear, since I will be looking for some new ideas!

Dawn Belknap - CCC Kids Connect


Here's one from 'Creating Family Traditions' by Gloria Gaither & Shirley Dobson.  Can the family guess what Dad is thankful for in twenty questions?  The person who it "It-in this case, Dad-thinks of one thing he is thankful for, and the others try to guess what it is by asking him simple questions. Is it a person?  Do I know that person?  Male or female?  Is it something that happened?  Did it happen this year?  Was I there when it happened?

If the group doesn't guess the blessing Dad has in mind, Dad wins the round!

Psalm 100:4 - 'Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.'


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