West Africa

“Gold Kingdom” is a code name used to represent a country in West Africa. For security reasons we cannot say this name specifically in any online media.

Our family of churches, known as the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA), first started working in Gold Kingdom in 1923. Those early years were a combination of bringing basic medical care and training pastors. As one of the poorest countries in the world, Gold Kingdom fights even into modern times against malnutrition, disease, and high infant mortality.

Since 2004, CCC has developed a partnership with Gold Kingdom in much the same way as those early years. From building a hospital to investing in pastor training, we express our value of a holistic approach to missions that both speaks and demonstrates the core truths of the gospel.

Medical Care

In 2004, the CCC leadership were moved by the desperate plight of women and children in Gold Kingdom.

1 in 15 women died during child birth

1 in 4 children died before the age of 5

1 in 10 babies died during delivery

These  statistics are hard to comprehend in our world today. Nevertheless, they reflect the hardships of families in Gold Kingdom every day. With this, in partnership with the C&MA, CCC embarked on a new partnership to bring health, wellness, and Jesus to Gold Kingdom. Here are some of the projects that have taken place:

2004 CCC spent $1.5 million over two years to help build a hospital for women and children

2004 CCC sent the first of fifteen short-term teams to assist in building a hospital

2006 CCC sent a missionary nurse to work at the hospital as it opens for the first time

2007 CCC sent the first of many sea containers full of medical equipment and supplies

2015 CCC raised funds to purchase more equipment, mosquito nets, medicine, and more

2016 CCC built a medical clinic to serve the needs of up to 20,000 local residents

2019 CCC partnered with the Rotary Club to fund $118,000 of new medical equipment

Since  opening in 2006, the hospital has delivered over 30,000 babies and performed over 5,000 surgeries. Countless lives have been saved! Yet equally important, the love of Jesus has had significant impact for hundreds of miles around the hospital, in many places where the name and love of Jesus had never before been heard.

Pastor Training

Recognizing the great need to take the gospel to the far corners of Gold Kingdom, the local church in Gold Kingdom made pastoral training a high priority. As a result, CCC has invested significantly into enhancing and expanding their Bible colleges. In 2010, we assisted one college that was training just 10 new pastors by providing electricity, water, new classrooms, new student housing, and scholarships for pastoral students and their families. In 2019, this has become a thriving pastoral training center where 50 pastors are being trained to share the Good News throughout the country.

In 2018, the local church in Gold Kingdom also asked if CCC could assist in helping to expand one of their smaller pastoral training schools located in a very remote area. CCC provided resources to build additional student housing to expand the number of pastors being trained by twenty percent.

Human Trafficking

In 2014, CCC helped to start Hands of Honor in Gold Kingdom, a ministry to 12 young teenage girls being abused and mistreated as house girls. When the girls enroll in program, they gain a family of women who will walk with them as they learn life skills, develop healthy personal hygiene, and have the opportunity to hear about the love Jesus.

Since 2014, HOH has grown from one group to  four groups with over 50 girls, many whom have given their lives to Christ.


In 2008, 2012, and 2018, CCC volunteers packaged and sent over 600,000 professionally developed, highly nutritious meals designed to fight malnutrition. These meals were then sent to Gold Kingdom, where some were given to children in rural villages suffering from extreme hunger, while others were distributed at the hospital for women and children to assist families fighting malnutrition.

A key part of the C&MA work in Gold Kingdom is to take the best news ever (the gospel) to the many areas that are completely unreached (no access to a Christ-following church). CCC has assisted this effort through various means, including sending short-term teams and financial resources.