Wedding FAQs

How do we reserve our wedding?

Follow the steps on the Christ Community Church weddings webpage. Applications must be submitted six months prior to wedding ceremony day. Applications must be submitted six months prior to date of wedding ceremony.

After the application form is submitted, Sue Beed, CCC’s wedding administrator, will contact you within 3 business days with the date that will be tentatively held for you. Pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 to confirm your date. Your deposit will be put towards your total ceremony fees.

If you have a date change, contact Sue Beed immediately. All dates are available on a first- come, first-served basis.


Are premarital counseling classes required?

Yes. Preparing for your marriage is the most important part of wedding planning. The required six session classes are available beginning in February, May and September, followed by individual counseling sessions with each engaged couple. Classes must be completed prior to your marriage. A materials fee of $50 will be charged; payable at the beginning of class.

If you plan to attend premarital classes outside of CCC, those classes need to be approved by CCC. Provide this information on the Wedding Reservation Request Form and contact Reid Brown at CCC at 402.938.1561 to discuss your premarital counseling plans.


How do I find a pastor to marry us?

It is your responsibility to contact a pastor to make arrangements, and to follow up with that pastor on planning your wedding ceremony. Pastors at CCC that often officiate weddings include:

  • Wendell Nelson
  • Reid Brown
  • Brad Mock
  • Dave Montoya
  • Marc Montayne
  • Paul Gedden

Note: You are welcome to contact other pastors at CCC to discuss officiating your wedding. All can be contacted at 402.330.3360.

Should you plan to use a pastor outside of CCC, you need to first contact that pastor about availability and provide their name and phone number on the Wedding Reservation Request Form. Follow up by contacting Reid Brown at CCC at 402.938.1561 to visit about your officiant selection.


What are the costs for a wedding at CCC?

Worship Center: Seats 2,000 / $800* non-member / $500* member
Chapel: Seats 275 / $500* non-member / $350* member

Includes a wedding coordinator, sound operator, custodian and up to 30 candles.
If you use a CCC pastor, a $200 honorarium is added to the fee. If you use a non-CCC pastor, you are responsible for their honorarium.

Note: Only trained CCC staff and volunteers are allowed to operate CCC sound equipment and serve as a wedding coordinator. The final payment is given to your wedding coordinator prior to the wedding.


Can we have a slide show, video or DVD at our wedding?

Yes, a projector and screen are available for weddings for an additional fee of $50 in the chapel or $100 in the Worship Center. A slide show, video or a DVD may be shown before, during, or after the ceremony.

How many guests do the Worship Center and Chapel seat?

The Worship Center accommodates up to 2000 guests and the Chapel seats up to 275 guests. CCC is handicap accessible and we can work with you to ensure those with special physical needs are accommodated. CCC does not accommodate outdoor weddings.


Is a rehearsal dinner room available at CCC?

No; CCC does not host rehearsal dinners.


Can I have my wedding reception at CCC?

No; CCC does not host wedding receptions.


When will my wedding coordinator contact me?

Your wedding coordinator will be assigned approximately three-four months prior to your wedding. Your coordinator will contact you and set up a time to meet with you at the church to view the wedding location, rooms for dressing, wedding equipment, etc. She will also review policies, time frames, where to get your wedding license, plus work with you to help carry out your wedding plans at the church.


Does wedding music need to be approved?

Yes. Music choices are submitted to your wedding coordinator for approval by our wedding pastor.


What if there are two weddings on the same day?

Weddings are not held at the same time at CCC to ensure that your wedding is special. You will have the rooms reserved for your wedding for the entire wedding day, plus some rooms will be reserved the day prior for storing wedding clothing and decorations. Each wedding will have a coordinator to work out times for entrance and exit for both wedding parties.


What about photographs and videos of your wedding?

Your wedding coordinator will review CCC’s photo and video policies with you. She will also work with you on a schedule for photographs prior to or after the wedding, and help with locations at CCC for photographs. Note: If taking photographs after your Saturday wedding, you need to vacate the building by 6 PM to allow facilities staff to prepare for Sunday services.


Does CCC have a piano and other musical equipment ?

Yes, you may use CCC’s piano, along with microphones and music stands for live music. If you are using a burned CD rather than an original CD, the disc must be tested prior to the rehearsal to make sure it is compatible with CCC sound equipment. Digital music selections will be played over the church's device. Music selections need to be confirmed two weeks prior to your ceremony. 


What about the rehearsal?

Your pastor and wedding coordinator will work together to conduct your rehearsal in an organized and efficient manner the day before your wedding. Our goal is to ensure your wedding party is comfortable with their roles in your wedding and the format is as you had planned.