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Summer U

Have fun learning the truth about God's word through high-energy singing, games, hands-on activities, stories & teaching, small group time, and meeting new friends. Pick one Summer U course of interest and explore it all week with the Summer U professor.

For kids having just completed grade 1 through grade 5

June 25–June 29 / 9 AM–12 PM / $30 per child / Non-refundable

Summer U Jr.

Young kids can join the fun with Summer U Jr. They will love the singing, games, teaching, and activities geared just for them.

For kids 4 years old (by June 25, 2018) and 5 years old and kids having just completed kindergarten

June 25–June 29 / 9 AM–12 PM / $30 per child / Non-refundable

Volunteer Opportunities

Summer U and Summer U Jr takes hundreds of volunteers to be successful. We need lead teachers, small group leaders, assistants, nursery leaders, registration help, and more. Register below to volunteer.

Summer U Courses


Culinary (Grades 1–3)

Explore the joy of cooking by following recipes and using various kitchen utensils. Come hungry because you'll be tasting your amazing culinary creations!


Culinary (Grades 4–5)

Explore the joy of cooking by following recipes and using various kitchen utensils. Come hungry because you'll be tasting your amazing culinary creations.


Crochet (Grade 3–5)

Learn crochet stitches, yarn types, and much more. Gain enough skills to make a purse or bag by the end of the week.


Weather Rocks! (Grades 2–4)

All about weather—thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more! Daily weather is an exciting science and conditions can change quickly. This class will include weather experiments, weather safety, a chance to create a weather forecast, and a visit from an Omaha TV meteorologist. Get ready for a week of fun exploring all different types of weather!


Game Changer (Grades 1–5)

This class may not change your life, but it may change how you play! Join us as we explore a variety of board games, card games, and other indoor games.


Kung Fu Panda in Training (Grades 1–5)

You are invited to the fun training ground for discipline, concentration, and openness to new experiences. Join Master Shifu to learn basic forms and explore the Chinese martial art culture. Show off your Chinese and Kung Fu form during a performance on the last day.


Legos (Grade 1–5)

Learn to "speak" Lego, explore essential tools, discover new building techniques, and have fun building some amazing structures.


Cake Decorating (Grades 1–5)

Learn how to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and more.


All Things Science! (Grades 1–3)

"I am the light of the world." Explore light in new and exciting ways! We will play with shadows, colors, ink, goo, and more.


Woodworking (Grades 2–5)

Get your work gloves and goggles and get ready to build something together using real tools and real materials.


Sports (Grades 1–5)

Compete and play in teams at a variety of sports and playground games. Have some fun on the field!


Clowning Around (Grades 1–5)

Have fun while in character using your imagination. We will learn costume building, balloon art, miming, and more. There will be a “Show-Off” on the last day.


Praise Warriors (Grades 3–5)

Do you find yourself always singing? Or maybe you have a hard time holding still whenever you hear music! Well, it might just be that God is pulling on your spirit and calling you to worship him through music and movement! Join Jess as she teaches you more about the heart of worship in this high-energy, movement-filled workshop, where you will find the joys of freely worshiping God in your own unique way!


Pinspiration (Grades 1–5)

Test out various Pinterest projects including crafts, food, wearables, and more.