Obedience—Simply Take That Next Right Step


Written by Jennifer Slattery 

Most of us like to know what’s ahead. When opportunities arise, we want to know exactly what we’ll encounter and what will be required of us. Or perhaps we long to do something extraordinary—to play a part in God’s redemptive story—except we don’t how or where to start. But as one CCC journey group, led by Mark Krogh and Michael Wheelock, discovered last Christmas, living Beyond Belief begins by simply taking that next right step.

Their holiday surprise began with an email sent out by Emily McGaha inviting people to sponsor single moms and their children over Christmas. When the journey group replied, however, stating that they would love to encourage a family in this way, they learned all the needs had been filled. 

So Eva Brandt, Assistant Director of Missions, asked if they’d be interested in helping a man from one of Mission Church’s Hope Houses. At that time, Mission Church in North Omaha was housing four men looking to connect with Christ Community Sponsors. The journey group expressed interest so Eva sent them a list of gift options, which included various household items along with a “Fire Bible” designed to draw readers closer to Christ and encourage Spirit-led living.

The Journey Group then connected with Lisa Bayounne, Hope House director. They learned the man they were sponsoring was a Christ-follower who had experienced major life transformation in recent years and was active at Mission Church. “We wanted to meet him so we could encourage him in his walk Jesus and bless him with gifts,” Mark said. So the journey group invited the man, as well as Lisa and her daughter, to their group’s Christmas dinner.

During the meal, they heard more of the man’s transformation story and his passion to live for Christ. They also learned more about the Hope House vision and ministry from Lisa. Together they laughed, talked, ate, exchanged presents (including the “Fire Bible”), and sang carols. “It was a joy to learn first-hand how Jesus had transformed [this man’s] life. It was a privilege to encourage him with our expressions of care, generosity and love,” Mark said.  “It was a true blessing that the Lord brought our group together with the man from the Hope House for that special evening.”

When asked what he would say to a group presented with a similar opportunity, Mark said, “Just obey and take the next step. This all started with, ‘We’re looking for people that would be willing to bless a single mom with kids.’ Our group said, “Yes.”  Then things changed. God had something in mind we didn’t anticipate. We’ve learned to have a spirit of willingness and obedience. God honors that. It’s not necessary to know where everything’s going. Just take that next step.” 

If you would like to learn more about Mission Church’s Hope Houses, including how you and/or your journey group can get involved in Local Missions, contact Eva Brandt at evab@cccomaha.org.