Thank you for your interest in Radical Mentoring.  This will be a special type of men’s small group made up of young men facilitated by a more senior and mature Christian man.  The vision is to help younger men live God-centric lives.

It is our goal to impact the lives of younger men in a way that points them toward an integrated Christian life. During this mentoring season, mentors will endeavor to share what they have learned in these areas, often focusing on what they have screwed up on…hopefully, so you can avoid the same mistakes they made along the way. 

The “program” involves a monthly meeting that can last up to three hours, reading assignments (you will purchase your own books), memorizing scriptures, and meeting one on one with your mentor and with others in the group.

The meetings aren’t optional.  The group will settle on a schedule and stick to it. Then we'll all have to protect those scheduled dates. A premium is placed on timeliness, preparation and respect for everyone else in the group. We can almost assure you that you will have to make some tough business and family decisions in order to honor your commitment to be at each meeting.   To apply contact Randy at Randy.Esterling@CGB.com