Jesus. No Other Name.

No other name has formed governments, influenced leaders, and shaped culture like the name of Jesus. No other name has inspired as many artists, composers, and writers throughout history as the name of Jesus. You can’t walk through the Louvre or Library of Congress without seeing the fingerprints of Jesus stamped throughout.

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Joe Jensen
Yes, It's Legal to Be a Christian in Cuba

Most of us Americans know surprisingly little about this beautiful, socialist, communist country just ninety miles south of Florida. Like many of you, I assumed that atheism was the state “religion” and that Christ-followers and churches would be secret.

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Craig Walter
An Update On Beyond Belief

God invites us into so much more than the typical American lifestyle can deliver. He invites us into a mysterious, dynamic relationship that profoundly intersects with His spiritual reality. He commissions us to draw close to Jesus as we study Him, learn from Him, and become like Him. Through this amazing union with God Himself, He sends us out to change the world by His strength and power.

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Mark Ashton
A New Identity

Three words: Who am I? These words play on a continuous loop as the background track in the life of a middle school student. Perceived answers to that question come from all different directions: school, social media, movies, relationships, entertainment, and other activities.

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Alex Ehly