Jesus Class just can't wait! It's here, friends...

I realize that we don't actually encounter the Gospels in our Proj 4:4 Bibles till October 18th (page 1350) BUT... I just can't stand it any longer.  I must start talking about Jesus.  My absolute most favorite theological topic in all of scripture.  Project 4:4 has shown us all at least one thing - the Old Testament is LONNNNGGG.  How could a story have so much build up to its climactic, central character and climactic event?

Come check out the Jesus Class.  You could register for the Jesus Class the minute you read this by hitting on the link below.  There is still plenty of room for you to jump in either Sunday morning (Sept 30th) or Tuesday night Oct 2nd.

Get Registered for Jesus Class Sunday Section at Old Mill FLC 141-145  9:00 am 


Tuesday night Section in the Student Center at 7:00 pm

Here's one participant's story from Jesus Class last year.  Jenny is my all-time favorite JC participant.  Yes, teachers play favorites.  But check out her story if you're wondering "Is Jesus Class really worth all that time and effort?"

This is a great opportunity for you to focus your energies on the climactic moment in the whole story-line of the Bible.  Go for it!

Oh, remember this you can decide to check it out at our online campus on Tuesday nights.  See what you think from the convenience of your own nest.  Give it a try!

Take care

Tim Perry - Pastor of Spiritual Discovery at CCC.


Jenny Burg - my Jesus Class experience (Feb 2011)

A few months ago an announcement was made in church about a class being offered called the Jesus Class.  It really intrigued me because I was in a place where I was super hungry to grow and develop my faith, and also to meet some new people who shared my passion for the word, so I signed up.  My first impression was that it would be a lecture type of class where a teacher explained the life of Jesus.  However, from the very first day it was made clear that our teacher would be the WORD.  We dug right into the book of Mark and began to pick it apart, then put it back together, then pick it apart again, examining it from every angle.  We did it together as a class, and then took it home and did it on our own, bringing it back each week to share what God had opened our eyes to.  I found my time in the word to be SO rich and fulfilling and seemingly couldn’t get enough of it.

One of the biggest themes that stuck out to me from my studies, was how Jesus kept talking about people having eyes to see and ears to hear.  He made it so clear to his disciples that in order to learn and understand, you have to ask; you have to have the eyes to see what he wants to teach you.  The people who received answers from Jesus were always the people who asked.  That teaching alone has dramatically altered the way that I approach God’s Word, and my relationship with him.  I spend more time listening, asking, seeking, searching, and praying.  More time centering my life around Jesus.

As I began to do this, He began to speak to me in amazing ways.  He not only taught me some powerful truths, but he also opened my eyes to some incredible opportunities to live out those truths.  I was in awe of how many doors were opened to me to share my faith with non-believing friends, or to show kindness to a stranger.  In addition, there have been countless times where I’ve had the opportunity to share what God has been teaching me to a fellow believer who really needed to hear those exact words.  This experience has only made me all the more hungry to go deeper with God and learn and grow more, so that I may see his amazing power at work in peoples’ lives.  Words don’t do justice in explaining how this class has been a catalyst through which God has grabbed hold of my attention and changed my life.

As the class was drawing to a close, I began to lament the thought of losing this great community of believers that I had been learning and growing with.  While I knew that I could continue to study on my own, I would miss the deep conversations and rich array o f perspective that each individual brings.  So in the last few weeks of the class I inquired of some of my fellow classmates if they would have interest in continuing to meet and study together.  I am currently still meeting with one other woman and it has been a joy to get to know each other better, share what God is teaching us, and encourage each other to live out those lessons authentically and purposefully.  I can’t begin to speak of how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to take this class, how drastically it has altered my perspective on life, and how greatly it has improved my relationship with God.