Be in awe...

Be in awe... Easter offers a new starting point for reflecting on God’s love for us. Easter just isn’t the same as kids get older.

During younger years, the awe and wonder of the holiday is fostered through receiving Palm branches at church*, mad dashes for plastic eggs in open fields, and baskets with chocolate bunnies and candy.

(*Did anyone else have to break up palm branch scuffles with their kids and explain they weren’t meant to be whipped at each other? Or was that just our family?)

But as kids become teens, the only "awe" and "wonder" we often hear is their moan, "Aww, do I really have to get up that early for church?"

As parents, we may not know how to bring them back to the meaning of Easter. Not only have they outgrown candy eggs, but they’re also starting to ask questions about Easter (and faith in general) that can seem intimidating to us.

But here’s something to remember: We all need new starting points for our faith, and Easter provides a fresh annual starting point to remind us that God is not merely all-powerful, he’s also all-personal.

God loves your son or daughter as much now as he did when they were younger, and he always will.

For that matter, God also loves you as much now as he did when you were younger, and he always will.

May your faith be renewed by Easter's reminder of how radically LOVED you are.


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