God Made a Family

In the beginning, God created an environment.  And in that environment, God saw that a caretaker would be needed, and that caretaker would need a partner, and so God made a family. God said, “I need people who will care for infants for no other reason than they are and I created them.”  So God made parents.  “Someone who will provide for and nourish their young out of a deep, unexplainable love.”  And so God made a family.

God said, “I need someone with arms strong enough to lift a child toward me, to allow them to dream of what they might reach.”  So God made dads.  “And I need someone whose arms are always at the ready – to hold and to hug – when that reaching turns to a stumble.”  So God made moms.  And God made a family.

God said, “I know these little ones will need lifelong friends – those they can travel alongside, who know the deep pains of the generations and stand in it together, elbows linked, so the climb doesn't seem so lonely.”  So God made siblings and cousins.  And God made a family.

God said, “There will be times when moms and dads are tired, when family is far and arms won’t lift, and these families will need Aarons and Hurs to hold their hands steady as they continue to reach, because these lives, this fight for their hearts, is worth it.”  So God made faith communities.  And God made a family.

God said, “I need an expression of all of the unspeakable joy I feel when I see my creation, an expression of the peace and contentment I can offer, an expression of the passion with which I will fight for my people.”  And so God made a family.

God said, “I need people convicted enough to stand firm against the wind and waves, because they know that my mission to redeem people is eternally important, because they have a deep love for me and for people.  I need groups of people who can extend grace and mercy, tangibly accepting people into those arms that reach and arms that comfort, so people will know the intangible, unconditional love I have for them.”  And so God made a family.

And God saw faith being passed from generation to generation, because of what was reflected in His creation of a man, a woman, and a family.