Elementary Kids in Church

Do you sometimes wonder whether to take your elementary aged child to services with you on a Sunday morning?  Do you struggle deciding whether to send them to Kids Connect, while you attend services, or have them attend with you? Elementary children are at a critical point in their lives, during which they begin to understand and develop their morals and values.  They will be trying to figure out who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are, and how ‘they’ impact their lives.  This crucial period in a child’s life will impact their decisions and actions throughout their life.

They attend Kids Connect for a time of learning from those telling the big God Story, and from their small group leaders.  They listen for the voice of God, and are learning how God fits into their lives.  Seeing you worship, it is a critical part of the learning process for them too.

Worship is a place for families.  Parents need to understand the importance of the religious training children need to help guide them throughout their lives.   At Christ Community Church, we want to come alongside you and help you with the spiritual formation of your children, but you are key to that formation.

Build family unity.  There's a lot of chaos going on in the lives of families today; school, work, soccer, football, ballet practice, to name a few.  One parent heads off one way with one child, and the other parent takes off to another event with the other.  Sunday mornings are a great time to come together and just sit with each other and learn from God’s word.  The kids will enjoy just being with you.

Our families need time together in peace.  Children need calm and security, sitting in worship, holding hands, and speaking community prayers together can give our families a respite.  Once families are comfortable with these practices, they'll be able to use them away from the church when a crisis or difficult situation emerges and they need family spirituality.

Build an expectation for worship. Sitting in church can be difficult for those who've never experienced it before, but when prepared, children can meet high expectations.  Let them know, lovingly, that you expect them to be still and quiet, and pay attention during the service.  Practice this.  Remember, these kids sit in school all day.   In Kindergarten Kids Connect, we offer a ‘Young Child in Worship’ class during the 10:45 service.  This prepares them for first grade, when they will attend Worship with you one hour, and Kids Connect the other hour.

Let us know how we can help you with this important step.

Shelley Brooks

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