Project 4:4 and kids

 This is the week that we head into the Project 4:4 reading as a church, and the Kids Connect staff have received several questions about how the reading of the Bible will coordinate with the adult reading. Through 2012, all family members have the opportunity to read through an appropriate version of the Bible.  Neither of the children’s Bibles include all of an adult version, so the children will not be at the same place as adults, but everyone will learn the “Big God Story” as we move through the year.  Children of all ages will cover a chronological overview of the Bible in 2012 with age appropriate stories of the Bible.  A recurring theme throughout the year will be that God made a promise and he fulfilled that promise in Jesus.

First and foremost, as parents and adults, we need to remember that the benefit of reading the Bible with children far outweighs the benefit of reading a specific section to coincide with the adult reading.  Surveys consistently show that giving young people opportunities to talk about faith in the family or church context, assists them in identifying and understanding what their faith is about.  Talking about Jesus moves children towards a greater understanding of who the Jesus they believe in really is, what He has done and why He came to earth.  So have conversations with your children each week, ask wonder questions as you read together as a family (I wonder why God created animals before people…  I wonder if the animals could speak…  I wonder ifAdamand Eve were afraid after they ate the fruit from the tree God told them not to touch…  I wonder how God felt whenAdamand Eve disobeyed…)

 Preschool and Kindergarten

If you are using the “Jesus Storybook Bible” with your children you will move very quickly through the Bible and will possibly read the stories over and over.  The stories do not always coincide with the Kids Connect lesson however the HomeFront weekly resource will direct you to the correct portion of scripture for that week’s lesson. 

Suggested reading for January to coincide with Kids Connect lessons                 

Date Jesus Storybook Bible (JSB) Chapter Kids Connect Lesson
Week of 1/1 The Story and the SongThe Beginning A Perfect Home

The Terrible Lie

Abraham Trusts the Covenant
Week of 1/8 Son of Laughter Abraham and Isaac’s Birth
Week of 1/15 The Forgiving Prince Joseph is There for His Family
Week of 1/22 Exodus 1; 2:1-10This particular story is not in the JSB.  Read from another storybook Bible or tell the story to your child.  Consult HomeFront Weekly for activity to use with your child Baby Moses is Protected
Week of 1/29 Any or all of stories leading up to Moses Review

 Grade School

If your children are in grade school, you have two opportunities for tracking with the reading.  Follow the reading schedule in the “One Year Children’s Bible” to read through the Bible in 2012.  Or you can use the HomeFront weekly parent resource to read the portion of scripture that corresponds with the Kids Connect lesson for the following Sunday.  For instance read Genesis 2 – 3 in preparation for the lesson this Sunday, God Created Us to Be with Him

 Each week parents receive an email with suggestions on bible reading and activities to introduce the Bible story.  The email is titled, “What are my kids learning this week?”  If you need to register for the parent email, send a request to  The HomeFront weekly is handed out every Sunday and it is posted on the CCC website/Kids Connect/HomeFront.  Please ask a Kids Connect staff member if you need help finding the HomeFront weekly.

 The Kids Connect staff team is praying that each family will grow in knowledge, understanding, grace and love as you read God’s word.


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