Redemption Story (Part 2)

Matthew 1:18-25

Who among you has had their life turn out the way it was planned? In this week’s passage from Matthew’s gospel, we read about Joseph who had a BIG wrench tossed into his plans. Most of us know his story. He was betrothed to be married to Mary and sometime during the engagement he gets hit with the news that would shake his world to its core; Mary is pregnant and he knows without a doubt he is not the father.

This kind of news would send most men over the edge and cause them to respond in a not-so-favorable fashion. But not Joseph, his desire was to not expose Mary to public shame and divorce her quietly (Matthew 1:19). Joseph was willing to do this because he was a righteous man. His righteousness did not come from seeking the law, which was clear in its requirement that Mary should have been stoned to death for her unfaithfulness. It was not his obedience to the law, nor his pursuit of justice that defined Joseph’s righteousness. Instead, it was his compassion, his mercy, his forgiveness, and his grace that made him a righteous man. I wonder how many of us would respond in kind if we were presented with the circumstances that Joseph experienced.

You see, Joseph could have gotten angry (he probably did) and let that anger dictate his response by walking away from Mary. He certainly would have been justified in doing so. But, if he would have walked away, Joseph would have missed out on being part of the redemption story that affects each of us. Men, don’t miss out on what this passage on Joseph teaches us. It is a great reminder for each of us to not walk away from the disappointing times and circumstances in our lives. Walking away can cause us to miss out on being a part of somebody else’s redemption story.

This Week’s Challenge: This week, as you prepare your hearts for Christmas, remember Joseph and his compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and grace he showed Mary. Where in your life do you need to imitate this righteousness of Joseph and be part of somebody’s redemption story?

~ Tim Hall (I encourage feedback, questions & comments - email me at