2018 Sessions




CityCare Counseling 

CityCare Counseling provides professional mental health counseling and therapy services. Our licensed professional counselors offer confidential and private faith-based therapy.
For more info, call 402.916.9421 or email info@citycarecounseling.org


Pastoral Counseling 

Christ Community Church provides counseling from members of the pastoral staff and lay counselors trained to provide biblical advice or spiritual counsel to those in need. Financial counseling is also available.
For more info, contact Sue Beed / sueb@cccomaha.org 


Renewal Groups 

Renewal Groups provide a network of ministries, helpful resources, trained volunteers, and professional counselors to help you and your loved ones move forward. Groups address a variety of topics including addictions, career networking, divorce, suicide, grief, infertility, mental illness, sexuality, anxiety, and more.

For more info, contact Marc Montanye / marcm@cccomaha.org

 Groups just for women include…

  • Hannah’s Prayer—Community of married woman experiencing primary or secondary infertility that provide support and encouragement.
    For more info, contact Diane / dewswim@aol.com 


  • Seeds of Hope—Does your past include sexual abuse that continues to creep into present life and relationships? There is hope. This group for women is a safe place to explore the whats and whys, and how to find freedom from the past. 
    For more info, contact Gloria / gloryb2u@cox.net 


  • Hope After Betrayal—When the dream of the ideal relationship, marriage, or family has been shattered, hope is needed to restore and become whole again.
    For more info, contact Nancy / jbonanny@hotmail.com 


  • Encountering the Prince of Peace—A group for high school & college-aged women who are striving to find lasting peace in an anxious world through supporting each other and discovering a true and unique identity in Christ.
    For more info, contact Stefanny / stefannyz@cccomaha.org or Jenna / jennad@cccomaha.org


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is composed of men and women trained to provide confidential, one-on-one care to people experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, aging, loneliness, spiritual crisis, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment.
For more info, contact Sue Beed / sueb@cccomaha.org




Alliance Women

A ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance that brings women together to pray, support, and engage in missional work in our city and across the world.
For more info, contact Moni Cutler / monidan@juno.com


Prayer Shawl Ministry

A group that gathers to knit or crochet shawls and prays for those who are suffering loss. The prayer shawl is a tangible representation of God’s love.
For more info, contact Beth Siemens / 402.598.2424


Monday AM Prayer

A prayer group for women focused on praying for missionaries and the needs of one another.
For more info, contact Alice Norris / 402.334.5569





A ministry for moms of children ages birth through kindergarten. Connect to a community of women who meet together to embrace and encourage one another in the journey of motherhood.
For more info, contact Rebecca Perry / christcommunitymops@gmail.com


Point of Hope 

Point of Hope provides a positive experience for single moms to grow alongside one other with encouragement, friendship, support, and life-giving discipleship.  
For more info, contact Eva or Emily / cccpointofhope@gmail.com


Women’s Bible Studies

Classes that offer biblical teaching, encouragement, and connection with women of all ages. Spring studies begin in March.
For more info, contact Willyne Dickey / willyne@cox.net




Marriage on the Rock 

Begins March 4 / 10 weeks / 8:30–9:40 AM / C217

Whether you’ve been married for years or just preparing for the journey, Marriage on the Rock is the essential resource that will transform your relationship.
For more info, contact Bill & Teri Meier / wrm890@cox.com



Begins April 15 / 3 weeks / 11:30 AM–1:15 PM / D227

For those new in their faith or new to CCC, Foundations offers an interactive orientation to CCC. Learn about CCC’s history, values, and the characteristics of a growing disciple. This class is also a prerequisite for membership.
For more info, contact Deb Beck / debb@cccomaha.org




Journey Groups 

Connect with other adults to study the Bible, pray, build relationships, and grow in community.  
For more info, contact Deb Beck / debb@cccomaha.org


8:08 College Ministry

A community of college-aged students (18–24) who are passionate about loving God, each other, and the city.
For more info, contact Polly Latshaw / pollyannal@cccomaha.org


Deaf Ministry 

A ministry to help Deaf people see and understand Jesus Christ so they can accept Him as Savior and grow in relationship with Him.  
For more info, email cccdeafministry@gmail.com


Boomers & Seniors 

New Community Groups help make healthy disciples of Jesus through strong biblical teaching, community, outreach, and dedicated prayer.  
For more info, contact Paul Gedden / paulg@cccomaha.org