Section Teams

Coming to the Gym in January 2018

WHAT is a Section Team?
Being a part of a section team is great informal way to engage people, create a friendly atmosphere, and build community in our Sunday morning services.
*Being on a section team is simple and easy!  No long-term commitment. 

Here’s how it works:

  • When you’re in the service you normally attend in the section you normally sit in, simply arrive as early as you can to greet and welcome people to CCC and to your section.
  • Look for people needing a seat and invite them to sit in your section. When you see someone sitting alone, invite them to sit next to you.
  • As you get to know people sitting around you, invite them into your journey group or to serve with you in whatever volunteer role you’re currently in.
  • Use the turn-and-greet portion of our service to bring your section together (more on that later)

Questions? Contact Jess Hawley at