Pastor Prayer Team

The Ministry to Men’s leadership team has been burdened with the desire to see our pastors fully engaged in preaching/teaching and in equipping the people of God for works of service. Every pastor needs to know that the men of his church have his back and are committed to him as the primary spiritual leader of the church.  There is this awesome resource available to enlist men to pray for their pastor called  We are recruiting a team of 31 men to commit to praying for their pastor one day a month.   When men are engaged in prayer for their pastor he is covered in prayer and daily encouraged.  Would you join the men who are going all in as a follower of Christ and take a day?

To get signed up go to:

  • Login
  • User name is: cccomaha
  • Password: cccomahamen
  • Select a day and pray for your pastor on that day.