Missions Update


December Update

In a small West African village, there is a new and growing church where there have been many new conversions to Christ. The church led a discipleship conference for the new believers this past Spring and it was a joy to see new believers come to a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus. Recently this church had a pastoral student from the local Bible school in the village during his school break and he has done some phenomenal work. Recently, he led 8 people to the Lord! One of our international workers visited this church in August, and when he was there, 2 people gave their lives to Christ during the church service. 


Village One Lighthouse Update

Some exciting things are happening in our two Lighthouse neighborhoods in Village One. These broken down houses have been fixed up and redeemed so that a missionary family can be placed there to be a light to their neighborhood. This fall, Rosie and Jim, one of our Lighthouse families, hosted a neighborhood grill-out at the newest CCC Lighthouse on Charles Street and it was a huge success! They had many opportunities to connect with new families and build new relationships.

Rosie’s neighborhood girls group served at the event. They set up, served food, played with kids, and connected with neighbors. “It was an incredible encouragement to see them working together and serving their neighbors,” said Rosie. Two neighbors came to their first event and were excited to help serve and connect with their neighbors. Two young boys who have been coming to events like this for several years were able to get their mom to come for the very first time. And praise God, she also came to church the following Sunday! Of the six new families who came for their first time, one was from Guatemala, one was from New York, and two were Native American families. 

Connections were made, conversations were had, and relationships were deepened. God is surely at work in our Lighthouse neighborhoods. Keep Jim and Rosie, their family, their neighborhood, and the new Charles Street Lighthouse in your prayers.



Thinking about my time volunteering a Bridge2Health (B2H), one word really comes to mind: Opportunity.
When we started a few years ago, it took almost a full year of waiting for our first patient to come through the doors, and we were all excited. Since then, it is not uncommon on a Saturday morning from 11:00 – 1:00 to see from 4-8 patients at the clinic. Opportunity? How wonderful it has been to meet people from different cultures, ethnic groups, and with varying needs. The chance to help people who are first concerned about their health, but are also open to prayer from the volunteers is a humbling experience.

We know that God has placed B2H there to heal their diseases, but even greater is the opportunity to share Him with them. It has opened many doors to help others understand His love for them. Sometimes just a simple prayer has turned the cautious, untrusting heart in a patient into a time to open up about what is really going on in their life. It’s at these times when the ministry of Jesus through the volunteers can have it’s work. We are blessed to part of this ministry where God is using His people to reach the lost and hurting. If you might be lead to share God’s love in this way, come join us. We can always use more volunteers!

For more information, email Lori Bakker at lori.bakker@b2homaha.org.