Missions Update


February Update

Attention CCC Medical Personnel

Bridge2Health is a ministry in North Omaha that focuses on bringing holistic restoration to the community by providing free healthcare. In order to continue this quality healthcare, Bridge2Health needs more registered nurses, doctors, physician assistants, and other medical professionals. 
For more info or to sign up to serve, contact Lori / lori.bakker@b2homaha.org


A story from Carey in West Africa

Susan spent almost a year at the hospital receiving care for a chronic wound. Her wound healed and she was able to return home to her village. After she delivered twin boys over a month ago, I was able to go visit her. She comes from an influential family in her village and her husband is a leader at the majority religion’s place of worship. During her time at the hospital, she learned how to read and now reads her Bible. She is open to hearing more about Jesus and is continuing to seek Him. Our visit was very encouraging to her and a testimony to her family that we continue to care about her and her new babies. Please pray that as she seeks Him, she would find Him.


New CCC Missionary Mary Beth George

You may have heard that Allen George, one of our CCC International Workers in Peru, recently married Mary Beth! They were married on December 29, surrounded by family and friends from Peru, the US, and Canada at Camp La Joya in Peru. CCC Missions Pastor Craig Walter recently asked Mary Beth some questions so that we get to know her better and can embrace her into our church family.

Originally from Canada, Mary Beth was six years old when her mother prayed with her to accept Christ. She was thirteen when she had an experience with God that completely changed her life’s perspective. She shares, “One Easter Sunday, the pastor preached on Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. As he described the pain Jesus faced, it suddenly hit me how holy God is, how horrible sin is, and how great Jesus’ sacrifice is that saved me. I couldn’t stop crying during the whole service and through those tears, I felt the Lord wash my heart clean.” Ever since that Easter, Mary Beth has been actively involved in church ministry. She attended Millar College of the Bible in Saskatchewan and moved to Peru in 2005 to begin a two-year commitment with the missions organization SIM. She learned the language and enjoyed the ministry, so she decided to remain in Peru. She praises God that He “is always near and He has never abandoned me during my whole stay on Peruvian soil.”

While in Peru, Mary Beth has been involved in women’s Bible studies, helped run kids’ clubs, taught English, and served at Camp La Joya, the same camp where Scott and Tami Wade serve. Over the last four years, she has focused on puppetry within the community. Continue to uphold Allen and Mary Beth as they minister in Peru and develop deep relationships with the community.


February Lunch on Mission

Hear from Pastor Mark Ashton, who recently returned from a trip to Cuba. Mark will share his perspective on our exciting new partnership with the churches there. 
2.15 / 12–12:45 PM / Student Center / $5 lunch