Middle school students will face changes in almost every area of life; it's critical to have people in their lives who care for them and invest in their success.

That's where we come in. We're passionate about jumping into the lives of middle school students to help them navigate all the physical, emotional, and relational changes they're wading through.


A place where you belong with fun stuff to do, great people to hang out with, and relevant messages from God's Word.

Sundays / 10 AM / Student Center

Journey Groups / Late August–April

Grow in your relationship with God and others through crazy games, hanging out with your friends, and digging into the Bible with your small group. 

Grades 6–8 / Sundays / 6–8 PM / Atrium

Alex Ehly

Middle School Pastor

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Favorite Social Media Twitter
A Book Everyone Should Read (Besides the Bible) Love Does (Bob Goff)
Best Vacation Ever Camping & fishing in Colorado
Describe Yourself in 3 Words Random / Practical / Compassionate
Why Student Ministry? Students are awesome! I was a student once & some amazing people took time to invest into my life and point me to Jesus. I love being able to do the same with students in some of the most critical years of their lives. Plus my wife thinks I act like a teenager most days!


Student Ministry

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Favorite Social Media Twitter
A Book Everyone Should Read (Besides the Bible) Anne of Green Gables
Best Vacation Ever The 3-week trip I took to Europe in 2015
Describe Yourself in 3 Words Creative / Nerd / Introverted Extrovert
Why Student Ministry? Students, specifically middle schoolers, are still impressionable but can think for themselves and are starting to think more critically. We can help them along the path to owning their faith, following Jesus, and finding their true worth. I love it when a crazy middle school student—who you wonder if they are getting it at all—blows your mind with a thoughtful, faith-building response.