Investigative Discussion Groups

Got Questions about Christianity?

Do you have a friend or family member who is spiritually curious and open to exploring Christianity? Do they have questions about the faith or even serious doubts or objections that stand in the way of belief? Or are you that person? 

If so, we have groups designed to be a safe environment for exploration, where belief is not assumed, all questions are taken seriously, and divergent viewpoints are respected. The goal is to gain clarity about Christianity and the claims of Christ in order to make an informed choice about what to believe. 

Investigative Discussion Groups: In these informal groups, those wanting to explore Christianity set the agenda of discussion by bringing their questions, objections and curiosities about Christ and Christianity. Over the course of several meetings, the facilitator guides a two-way discussion aimed at dealing fairly with these questions and objections. The tone is respectful, the form is dialogue (not lecture), the goal is clarity. While the facilitator has a Christian faith commitment, his or her goal is not to push a decision but to clear up misunderstandings so that participants get the most accurate view possible of Christianity in order to make an informed faith choice.

If this is something you or someone who know are interested in, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to talk further about which group might be the best fit and when and where you can connect with others asking similar questions. 

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