Serving during the Thanksgiving Holiday

This is from one of our parents, about their experience taking Thanksgiving meals to those who wouldn't have a meal without their kindness.  They are now doing this every year, as a way to give back. I was told about the delivery project last year and thought it was a good way to be able to have my kids serve with me in our city and get to see other parts of the city. The kids were a little put off by having to drive around and give food to strangers because this didn't sound "fun". Once we set out to the Open Door Mission and they saw alllllll the cars and people and food being so smoothly loaded, they started to feel excited and could see this was something so much larger than imagined (myself included in that). Then they were excited as to where we were going! It was all new and they started to see how Omaha was MUCH larger than they ever knew...then we started making deliveries! Usually children about my children's ages would be the ones to answer the door and they just started smiling and the kids all started chatting with each other! My kids got to see a whole other side of life and saw that this isn't something scary or boring... its kids, just like them! Kids they never would have met in neighborhoods they never knew existed, and opened up their hearts to strangers and they can't wait to go again!!  God is so good!

What a great example, and what a learning experience for the kids!  How can you get out and make a difference during the Holidays?

Shelley Brooks

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