Wait for the Lord

The LORD is my portion, therefore I will wait for him” (Lamentations 3:24).

Confession…I am not a patient person. During the course of any given day, I am presented with multiple opportunities to practice patience, but inevitably I fall short of having success with this virtue. If I think a stop light is taking too long to change green, I back up and roll forward again in an attempt to trigger the countdown to my green light. Anybody else do this? Or at the grocery store when I’m in the express lane and the person in front of me has surpassed the maximum 12 item limit…let’s just say I have been known to get a little agitated by this. Am I the only one? Don’t even get me started about the DMV or the doctor’s office. Both are great locations allowing us the opportunity to practice patience.

Waiting is just part of our lives. We wait for a call to see if the job we applied for is ours. We wait for payday. We wait for a loved one to return home from a tour of duty on the other side of the world. We wait for a positive pregnancy test and then we wait for the birth. You wait for the doctor to come out and tell you how your child’s surgery went. You wait for the result of a biopsy. Waiting is hard! I came across this quote regarding waiting, “Of all the hardships a person had to face, none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting” Khaled Hosseini.

Waiting can be punishment because, as is often the case with waiting, it is filled with uncertainty, stress, anxiety and fear. But to wait is something we must do and often our waiting is on the Lord. We pray for healing and we wait. We pray for guidance in our lives and we wait. We pray for a child to love and we wait. We pray for reconciliation in our marriage and we wait. Now to wait on the Lord can be the hardest thing to wait for, but waiting on the Lord is what we must do. It’s not easy and it may seem that God isn’t interested in answering our prayers, but God is worth waiting for, because God often uses waiting to renew us, refresh us, and teach us. So, make good use of your times of waiting by discovering what God may be trying to teach you in them.

~ Tim Hall https://twitter.com/1timothy12 (I encourage feedback, questions & comments - email me at 1timothy46@gmail.com)