Name Change

Whenever you read about, hear about, or see someone following Jesus, it always includes changing something. Why? Because each of us have something in our lives or many things in our lives that need to change. Maybe it's a compulsive habit you can't break or an addiction you have been hiding. Maybe it's a resentful spirit that is ruining relationships in your life. Or perhaps it is envy, greed or insecurity that is so prevalent in your daily life.

When Andrew brought Peter to meet Jesus, his name wasn't Peter, it was Simon. Jesus looked at him and said you shall no longer be called Simon, you will be called Peter (John 1:42). You see, becoming a follower of Jesus comes with a change and an incredible promise: you shall no longer be called. This is really good news for many of us, because a lot of us live with some really dark names. Names like addict or hypocrite. Names like judgmental or selfish. Names like resentful or bitter. Names like adulterer or promiscuous.

These are hard names to be called and to be known as. So, what name do you have that you need to hear the words: you shall no longer be called? All it takes is engaging Jesus and following Him. When you do this, when you make that choice, you get a new name; you are now called a child of God.

"Expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God" - William Carey

~ Tim Hall (I encourage feedback, questions & comments - email me at