Inheritance of Faith – Being There

Solomon writes, “Children are a heritage from the Lord…” (Psalm 127:3). For the purpose of this devotional, I want to focus on the word heritage. The word heritage means something that is passed down from preceding generations. It means to leave an inheritance. Now there are all kinds of things you can inherit. You can inherit a title. You can inherit property or money. The Bible says you can inherit the sins of your father to the third and fourth generation (Exodus 34:7). But the best inheritance we can receive is children and the best inheritance we can leave our children is an inheritance of faith.

I love what Dr. James Dobson writes about leaving an inheritance of faith: “The objective to living is to pass on a heritage of faith to those you love and to be with them in eternity.” We want to leave an inheritance of faith for our children so that we can spend eternity with them. But, we also want to leave an inheritance of faith; because the greatest thing we can do for our children is to give them a sincere faith.

One of the greatest ways to leave an inheritance of faith for your children is by building a relationship with them. You see, your children view your presence as a sign of caring and connectedness. You bless your children by being present. This means that when you’re with them, you get rid of the distractions. You put your cell phone away; you turn the TV off and you are intentional about spending time with your children, because there is great power in being there.

I recently heard a quote that goes like this: “If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.” I get that we’re all busy and I think one of the biggest problems in our culture today is the extreme pace at which we live our lives. This fast pace gets in the way of us being present in the lives of our children and building relationships with them. We bless our children with our presence and we build relations with them by being there.

Jesus is way more important than any of us. Jesus was busier than any of us. He was healing people, He was performing miracles, and He was going about His business of being the Savior of the world. But, He didn’t allow that to affect His relationship with children. He said, “Let the little children come to me” (Mark 10:14). Jesus allowed children to be in his life. He allowed children to interrupt his life. He put His focus on children and as parents we need to imitate Jesus and treat children the same way He did. We need to be there.

So, this week find a place in your schedule to carve out time to be there for your children. Play a game with them, read a book to them, sit down and have a conversation with them. There is great power in being there. If you don’t have children, find a way to invest in the life of a child around you.

"For nothing is impossible with God." - Luke 1:37

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