Greetings Friends!

A few weeks ago I was informed that I had written my 100th ManUp devotional. My intent in writing these devotionals was to share things that were on my mind or things that I was struggling with. My desire was to be as transparent about myself in the words I wrote, and more importantly, speak to the truth of scripture. I hope that I achieved those things in a way that was honoring to God. With these things said, I am writing this message to each of you to inform you that I will be suspending the “ManUp” devotional.

Over the past several months, I have been putting together a family ministry plan that will help parents and the church disciple the next generation. Jesus tells us to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). For me the first place to start making disciples is with my children. My first mission field is my home. One thing that became clear to me early on in my research is that most parents in the church are not discipling their children. Not because they don’t want to and not because they don’t think it is their responsibility. The reason that parents do not disciple their children is that they are unsure how to do it. In other words, they do not feel equipped to disciple their children. For me, that is cause for concern and the desire of my heart has transitioned into serving families and equipping them to impress within the hearts of their children a love for God.

So friends, going forward, my writings will be focused on families and parenting. It will be titled Legacy of Faith. If you do not want to receive the Legacy of Faith emails, please respond to this message and let me know.

It has been my joy serving you over the past 100 plus ManUp devotionals.

In His grace, Tim

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