Catch a Movie and Join a Group

Many have taken in the War Room Movie and it's been a hit. Chad Seefeld is excited to start a new men's group based on the power of prayer highlighted in the movie. Here's a note from Chad: "We're expecting anywhere between 8 and 10 men in the group and are going to start doing a 5 week study based on the movie the War Room. Each session will have a short DVD segment from the movie to get our minds churning and then we'll dive into discussion. There is a participants study guide associated with the study that includes some "homework" - 3 devotionals that you can do on your own during the week and a listing of some of the discussion questions. You can buy the book at Parables for about $8 or get it here: This guide is OPTIONAL. I don't think you'll need it to participate in the group, but if you want to use the study to get a bit deeper in your personal time or you're the type that likes to have the questions in front of you or in advance, I think it's a good resource.

OK, on with the specifics. We will meet every Sunday night, beginning this Sunday 9/13, for the next 5 weeks from 6:30 -7:30 (later if we want, my wife won't be home until around 8:30 and I have a pool table downstairs...) at my house 15710 Howard St (one house down from Kiewit Middle School). Assuming that there is interest following the first five weeks we'll move onto a new study. There is another one based on War Room that's 8 weeks called the battle plan for prayer. That's my tentative plan, but we'll see what happens after 5 weeks.

If you're like me and you have not yet seen the movie, consider this an open invitation to join me at Village Pointe Theatre for the 7:40 showing tonight, Thursday 9/10. Just text (or call) me at 402.578.5887 if you're there so we can grab a seat together.

I am excited about getting the group started. There's a few of us that know each other, but also a lot of new faces. I'm excited to create a bond and see what God has in store for us as we make a concerted effort to be men who take REAL (Rejects passivity, Eternally investing, Accepting responsibility, and Leading courageously) RISKS."

I hope you'll be able to join this group.

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