An Urgent Call to Prayer from John Stumbo

CCC Men are going all in by praying for the world needs. Men stand in the gap by praying for God’s grace, power and churches that serve in these stricken areas. Go all in with our CMA President John Stumbo's call to prayer September 1-7.

Dear Alliance Family,
I watch the same news you do. But I confess that I watch it differently now that I’m president of the U.S. Alliance.

You know the recent list; it shows up in almost every paper and newscast. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Masses fleeing Syria. Broken cease-fires between Israel and Palestine. ISIS marching across Iraq. Ebola marching across West Africa. Protesters filling the streets in Ferguson.

You’ve seen the headlines. What you may not know is that The Alliance is in each of these areas. Years ago, the sovereign hand of God placed us in the very locations that now receive world attention. Years of praying, contributing to the Great Commission Fund, and sending workers place us—by God’s direction—in areas of great turmoil. In some of these places, it is the local, national church that remains to carry out the work—receiving the refugee, grieving with the mourner, providing shelter to the homeless, living the love of Jesus, preaching His name as the only way of salvation—and doing so at the risk of its members’ very lives. In other places, our sent workers remain as foreigners in blood-stained lands to do the same work we've always done—bringing the gospel in word and deed for the help of humanity, the saving of souls, and the building of Christ’s Church.

These are places The Alliance is active. These are days we must be in prayer. These are reasons to give to the Great Commission Fund. These are opportunities for the light of Christ to shine.

Pressures against God’s children are mounting. Open doors for ministry are unprecedented in our time. As the Alliance family, we must mobilize for prayer. I’m asking us to rise on behalf of our sisters and brothers around the world and set aside September 1–7 as a time of focused prayer for our churches and international workers who serve in these regions. In your churches, homes, and neighborhood Bible studies, in your public services and private times with God, please pray with us.

Prayer aids are provided here.
Thank you for being a family I can turn to at such a time as this.

Sincerely and prayerfully,

John Stumbo President, U.S. Alliance