Curriculum - What's New

This is a recommendation list is taken from a small group blogger Mark Howell fall 2015 curriculum reviews.  He provides some insightful reviews of curriculum that has hit the shelves this year. Here are a few thoughts on choosing a study.

1. Consider God Pray about what to use next, ask God for direction. If you have people in your group who would be helpful with this invite them to join with you and discuss how God is answering your prayers.

2. Consider yourself as the leader Are there studies that take advantage of your strengths and passions? Choose a topic that is meaningful to you. God would build on what he is doing in you or is there an area you are not familiar with or needing to be developed? This would be a great way to grow.

3. Consider your group What are the needs, struggles, desires and interests your group members have? Find ways to build on how God is at work in their lives.

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