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30 Days to Live Group Participant Guide

Session 3

Launching Question: Were you more of a troublemaker or a peacemaker as a child? In what way?

Connection Question 1: Love deeply What does it mean to love deeply? What is the major difference between God’s love and natural human affection? How can loving deeply bring peace to our strained relationships? Above everything else, Jesus instructs us to love others as He loves us. What would it look like for you to make this your highest goal in your relationships?

Connection Question 2: Confess humbly What does it look like to confess humbly? What attitudes or fears do you need to overcome to confess humbly? Who is God asking you to take a step toward confessing humbly?

Connection Question 3:Forgive irrationally What is irrational about God’s forgiveness? On what basis does God forgive us? Aside from Christ, what is the greatest act of forgiveness you’ve witnessed? How does our forgiving others give witness to the reality of Christ in us?

Scripture:Colossians 3:10-17 How well do you get along with others? What does it mean to clothe yourself with love? How does this promote unity? What role does thankfulness play in experiencing the peace of Christ and harmony with others? Why is unity important to Christ and His kingdom?

Application & Prayer Circle one option you will work on this week 1. Spend time praying about your relationships. List anyone who may have a grievance against you. Ask the Lord to show you what you need to ask forgiveness for. Set a time to talk to each person and ask their forgiveness. 2. Make a list of your sins (ways you’ve failed to love God and others). Ponder how much you have been forgiven and how much mercy God has shown you. Write across your list “paid in full.” Make another list, this time of those you need to forgive. Below each name write the sins against you. Since Christ also died for these sins, write “paid in full” across this list. Tell God your decision to forgive as He has forgiven you. Destroy both lists.

Close with prayer

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