30 Days to Live Session 2- Participant Guide








30 Days to Live Group Participant Guide

Session 2

Launching Question : What character qualities do you find most attractive in other people?

Connecting Question 1: Live how God wants us to live If an alien where to observe your life up close for one month, what conclusions might he come to about your convictions (beliefs)? If you could instantly change one thing about how you are living, what would it be? How is your life producing good fruit that will be a legacy to those you love?

Connection Question 2: Say the words God want you to say If you have lost a loved one, share something you regret not saying to them while they were alive. What are some important things we need to say to others during our time on earth? Why do we put off saying the things that are most important?

Connection Question 3: Die when you need to die What would you need to do now that you’re fairly certain God has prepared for you to do? A heathy goal is something you can accomplish without the help or cooperation of others. If you had only 30 days to live, what is one goal you would work towards that would impact others in a meaningful way?

Connection Question 4: Leave a legacy The key to leaving a legacy is to live by convictions God gives us, not by our preferences. What would your family say are your strongest convictions? What godly convictions do you need to develop?

Application & Prayer Circle one option you will work on this week 1. Make a list of people whom you most desire to impact with your life. Beside each name, write out what you want to say by completing the thought: Above all else, here’s what I want you to know. Set a deadline for sharing this with them. 2. Complete the thought: I consider my life worth nothing to me if only I may _______________. Write down three things you know God wants you to do with your life. Start praying regularly about how God will accomplish this through you. 3. Ask the Lord to show you any areas where you are not currently living as He has called you to live. Surrender these areas to Him and invite the Holy Spirit to live through you.

Close with prayer

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