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30 Days to Live Group Curriculum Session 1 – Leaders Guide Materials needed:

Mark’s Video Message, there are two options to obtain this. 1. Go online to http://www.cccomaha.org/message-archive.php to “Live in the Moment” message delivered August 9, 2015. Cue up the segments using the counter prompts below.

2. Request a DVD containing the message segments to Reid Brown at reidb@cccomaha.org or 402-938-1561. These videos will have an eight second delay with the 30 Days logo in between teaching segments.  Hit the pause button for discussion and play to resume.  Keep in mind these DVD’s won’t be available until later in the week of the message since they are produced weekly.

Participant Guide for group members  available on the Journey Group Leader Blog. http://cccomaha.org/blogs/journeygroupleaders/

Total Video Time: 11:58 minutes; Discussion Time: 33 minutes; Teaching: 5 minutes; Application & Prayer: 10 minutes- 60 minutes total.

Session 1 Outline

Launching Question (5 min.): Would you rather die unexpectedly or see it coming? Explain your answer.

Video clip 1: When into Now (9:59-14:11) 4:52 min. Connecting Question 1 (8 min.) What is your biggest “When – Then?” Be honest and identify how you are missing the moment by hoping for some future event. What does it mean to live in the moment? How can we be fully present to others? What are the external pressures or distractions that keep you from being fully engaged with others?

Video clip 2: Intentions into Actions (16:13-19:33) 3:20 min. Connection Question 2 (12 min) Read James 4:17. What is wrong with planning out our lives? What sinful attitudes was James addressing? How do you feel when you think about your life being a mist that is vanishing away? What is the good intention you have that God wants to turn into a good action? Share specifically what you need to do and when you will do it. Knowing that life is brief, what spiritual changes do you need to make? If you were on your death bed, what regrets would you have about your life? What priorities do you need to change in order to live for what is truly important?

Video clip 3: Whole Heart Toward Jesus (24:21-28:07) 4:26 min. Connection Question 3 (8 min) What does it mean to turn our whole heart towards Jesus? Why do we tend to focus on doing for the Lord, instead of being present to the Lord (relating)? What or whom have you made a higher priority than the Lord? What would it look like for you to live every day simply to know and love Jesus with all your heart?

Teaching 5 minutes Ephesians 5:15-20 How can we make the most of our days on earth? We need to walk in wisdom What is God’s will? Isn’t great when God makes things crystal clear – His will is that we be filled with the Spirit. What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Consider how you make chocolate milk. The syrup will settle on the bottom and it won’t become chocolate milk until it is stirred. In the same way when you believe and receive Jesus the Holy Spirit indwells your life. But it is by faith that we allow the Spirit to enter into every aspect of our lives. We stir it up to through faith by desiring to be filled by:

1. Desiring Matt. 5:6 2. Confessing Sin 1 John 1:9 3. Yielding our lives to Him Romans 12:1-2.

Application & Prayer 10 minutes Circle one option you will work on this week (2 min.) 1. What changes will you make in order to live in the moment and make the most of your days on earth? What future goals or plans do you need to surrender? 2. What has God put on your heart to do that you haven’t done? What action steps will you take this week? 3. What will you do this week to turn your heart more toward Jesus? What relationships or activities have robbed you of living to know and follow Christ?

Close with prayer (7 min.)

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