Journey Group discussion questions - Why trust a church full of hypocrites?

evidence header Discussion Questions for Week 4- Why trust a church that is full of hypocrites?

Here is a link to this discussion guide:  JG Discussion Questions - Christian Hypocrisy

1- “We have an image problem” states Pastor Mark.  He listed some statistics about non-churched people and their attitudes.  Which of the following issues do you think our church actually has the biggest struggle with?   Boring (68%)  Insensitive  (70%)  Too Political  (75%)  Hypocritical (85%)  Judgmental (87%)  Anti-homosexual  (92%)

2- Do you believe that Homosexuality is being promoted in our culture like never before? Why?  What do you think of the image the media portrays of how the church responds to homosexuality?

3- Concentric circles of commitment – diagram representing the church and those involved with it.

a) What do you think about Christ Community? Are we the kind of church that has enough space for “the crowd” to come?  Do you think we’re friendly and welcoming of broken people?

b) Why should we always be a church that welcomes “hypocrites”? What will some of the results be if we really take that seriously?

c) “The good news is that you’re invited to follow Jesus – not the guy sitting next to you at church.” How can we become the kind of church that calls people to follow Jesus instead of pressuring people to conform to church culture?

4- Simon and the Parable of the forgiven sinner. Luke 7:37-50   The one who is forgiven much will love much!

a) Simon is convicted without be alienated. Jesus wins both the sinful woman and opens Simon’s eyes to the true nature of sin.  How can God’s people today get more honest about sin and forgiveness?

b)What would happen if Christ Community people could learn this lesson of love and forgiveness? What would it look like for your love for others to flow from the forgiveness God gives you?

c) Why is it hard for people in the church to admit our needs for grace and forgiveness?

5- How can we get better at asking others to join in the crowd of those willing to gather around Jesus? Who do you know that you could invite to be a part of your Journey Group or come to Christ Community on a weekend?

6- “A student is not above his master. If they persecuted me, they will do the same thing to you.”  What forms of persecution should we naturally anticipate if we are going to follow Jesus?

Practical Tips Mark closed his message with:

1- Come be a part of the crowd wanting to get connected to Jesus, don’t let imperfect people stop you. Don’t let your own sin stop you.

2- Get connected in friendships – don’t just try to project your beliefs on others without reaching out in love.

3- Strive for unity in Jesus – don’t major on small things.

4- Lead change with what you do, not just with what you say.


Question and Answer with Pastor Mark

  • I’ve decided to follow Jesus and change my life. Now what?
  • How do Mormonism and Scientology stack up with the other religions you talked about last week?
  • I find myself questioning my sexuality. Is that a sin?
  • If Satan is not omnipresent, how can he attack each person in a personal way?
  • What evidence is there that heaven exists?