Evidence April 12

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1. Dr. Turek stressed that Science doesn’t say anything, scientists do. "To say that a scientist can disprove the existence of God is like saying a mechanic can disprove the existence of Henry Ford. While there is certainly evidence from science to support theism, the most important point is that theism supports science. Theism makes doing science possible."

Have you ever considered this? How does this reframe your approach when talking with atheists?

2. Our worldview determines how we interpret the evidence in science. Atheist’s materialistic worldview philosophically rules out an intelligent designer in advance. The deck is stacked against a Designer and toward Darwin. How is this knowledge helpful when talking with atheists? How can you approach Biblical truth with people that have a materialistic mindset?

3. Modern science got its start by Christians who, as astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) put it, were studying how nature worked in order to understand "God’s thoughts after Him." The founders and early pioneers of modern science could rely on the regularity and consistency of natural laws because they believed in a Law Giver. Dr. Turek explained that Empirical Science studies how things operate while Forensic Science studies how things originate. Does understanding this distinction help you have a better framework to debate from?

4. Why do you think people want to discredit God for creation? What scriptures do you know that support your belief in intelligent design?

5. How do you know if you are dealing with a heart or head argument?

6. What one thing will you do as a result of what you learned from Dr. Turek? Will you be bold enough to use his social media tools to let your friends know the truth?