EMPTY Easter Sunday 4.5.2015

  1. As Pastor Mark opened his sermon, he identified many of the ways that we look for fulfillment only to be left unsatisfied and empty. Take some time as a group to share ways that you have looked for fulfillment in the wrong places.

2. Even though Jesus predicted his death and resurrection 9 times, the disciples and his closest followers did not understand it would happen. What are reasons you hear today from people on why they don’t believe in the resurrection of Christ? Share together several facts that we know about the resurrection based on Luke 24:1-12.

3. After the death of Jesus, the women bought spices and came to anoint His body, a sad but necessary task. It is obvious by their actions that the women were not expecting to find Jesus gone; resurrected. In Luke 24:5 two angels at the tomb ask the women, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” How do you approach the resurrection? Is your tendency towards skepticism, investigation or do you tend to believe?

4. For those of us that believe in Christ’s resurrection, we have a story to tell. The tomb is EMPTY, and because of that, our empty hearts can be filled with the hope of eternal life through Him. Take 3-5 minutes each to share with each other your story of faith. I once was… Now I am…. You might even want to have each group member write out the ‘Now I am’ section on a piece of paper and take a picture as a group to share on Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #CCCOmaha.

5. At the end of the Easter service we were asked to hold out our empty hands for God to fill. What may you be holding onto that is keeping you from accepting what God has for you? Is there an area in your life that you doubt God cares about? Maybe there is something you need God’s resurrection power to intervene and fill the emptiness in the situation. If you feel comfortable, share with your group. Spend time praying for one another and for belief that the power of Jesus is available for us today.