Exodus Leaders Notes Session 12

This is the end! We have reached the end of our study in Exodus and we have come full circle to the beginning. At the beginning of Exodus, God was "conspicuously absent" and unseen by the Israelites. At the end of Exodus, God is overtly present and seen by the Israelites as He tangibly occupies the Tabernacle. In the sacrifices designed to keep the Tabernacle clean, we have a beautiful picture of God's willingness to encounter our sin and brokeness and His plan to address it so that we aren't stuck there. In an even great way, Jesus' sacrifice cleanses us so that we can become God's dwelling place. God no longer occupies a location, but has moved in to make our hearts His dwelling place!

Schedule note: if your group is continuing beyond these 12 sessions, make sure that everyone knows what the plan is moving forward. If the group is ending, we recommend having one more time together to share a meal and to celebrate the things that God did in your lives and the connections that were made.

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