Exodus Leaders Notes Session 8

The common understanding on "Don't take the name of the Lord in vain," is to not say "Oh, God!" or "Jesus, that hurts!" While this is part of the intent, Dr. Smith helps us see that it is much larger than that. In fact, we may be guilty of breaking this command more than we thought! Dr. Smith suggests that "taking the name of the Lord in vain" is more about how we represent His name to the world (we are God's treasured possession in session 7) and ways that we try to manipulate and control God. Has anyone ever been surprised to learn that you are a Christian based on your behavior? Have you ever been surprised that God didn't do what you wanted Him to do because "you did all the right things?" You were likely guilty of taking God's name in vain in that moment. Schedule note: if your group is meeting every week, this is the week that you need to start the conversation with the group regarding the ending or continuation of your group. As the host/leader, you need to have decided if you want to continue beyond the 12th session or not. If you do desire to continue, invite the group to join you for 6 more sessions and allow people to opt out if that is what they desire.

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