Exodus Leaders Notes Session 7

In Exodus 19:1-8, God invites the Israelites into a formal agreement to be His special people among all the nations. If they obey Him, they will be His "treasured possession." As Dr. Smith points out, it is important to note that this offer is made after God has rescued them from slavery. God has freed them and now He offers them a deeper relationship with Him. Similarly, God has already paid the price to forgive every person of their sins. The offer of that forgiveness is available to all, but God does not impose His forgiveness on anyone. He has made the special relationship possible, but we must choose to enter into that relationship. Many people struggle to think of their lives in terms of putting God on display to the broken world around them. Every interaction and situation is a chance to display God to others. In fact, the impact God makes in our lives is the one undeniable argument for the power of Jesus. Who can argue that Jesus isn't real when He has changed your life so dramatically? So...what is your life displaying about God these days?

Note: verse 4 is a great tie in with the part in session 3 about remembering what God has done

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