Exodus Leaders Notes Session 6

In this session the Israelites are confronted by a nagging enemy, the Amalekites. Moses sends out fighters and then goes to a nearby hilltop to pray for their victory. This is a great example of the power of intercession. Moses was not in the battle, but he was a key part of it nonetheless. His role in prayer support was actually the deciding factor (verse 11)! This dynamic shows us two things. First, sometimes God will fight the battle for us (like He did with the Egyptians) and other times we have to step up and fight the battle ourselves. We have to listen to God's prompting to know when He is telling us to wait and let Him take care of things and when He is telling us to contribute to the fight ourselves. Second, we must not underestimate the power in the work of intercession. Our prayers on someone's behalf (or theirs on our behalf) can make all the difference in our situation. When we find ourselves in a situation where we can't "do" anything to help (Moses was not of fighting age to join the battle), our prayers can be the most powerful force in their life.

Schedule note: if your group is continuing beyond these 6 sessions, make sure that everyone knows what the plan is moving forward. If the group is ending, we recommend having one more time together to share a meal and to celebrate the things that God did in your lives and the connections that were made

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