Exodus Leaders Notes Session 3

Session 3In this session we find the Israelites in that tough spot where things are getting worse rather than better. They have been crying out to God for generations and Moses shows up as God's answer to their cries. Only, when Moses talks to Pharaoh, rather than setting them free, Pharaoh demands more work from them with harder conditions. The people are asking, "This is God's answer to our cries for rescue?!?"

Many (if not all) of us have experienced those moments where, like the Israelites, our spirits are broken because of a difficult situation. In those times, what do we have to lift us up out of that brokenness? For the Israelites, God showed that He was with them (unlike with Abraham, God gave them His name) and He reminded them of the promises that He made to their forefathers. For us, we have all the examples from history of God's faithfulness with His people along with all the promises that He has made to us (check out the "further study appendix" for a short list of these promises).

Maybe this is one of the reasons that God repeatedly had the Israelites create monuments to His provision. He knew they would need something tangible to help them remember His faithfulness when they encountered the next tough situation.

UncategorizedReid Brown