Exodus Leaders Notes Session 2

Session 2The passages in this session give us a "fly on the wall" perspective as God prepares Moses to step onto some pretty big stages. God tells Moses that he will be His spokesman to both the Israelite people and to Pharaoh.

Standing before the Israelites would have been intimidating because of Moses' former life in Pharaoh's household as well as the fact that he abandoned them after the incident when he killed an Egyptian. Practically speaking, Moses did not feel like an Israelite and he's pretty sure they won't see him as one of them either.

Standing before Pharaoh would have been intimidating because he was the strongest leader of the known world. Even though Moses would have known him from growing up in the palace, he was Pharaoh now and everything was different now. Moses would literally be risking his life each time he went before Pharaoh.

It is encouraging to see how God interacts with Moses with his fears and concerns swirling around his heart and mind. God meets Moses in those fears and gives Him the signs and help (Aaron) that will give him the confidence to go forward with the calling God gave him. We will all encounter a call from God in our lives that seems like more than we can handle. Moses' example shows us that God will go with us and He will be faithful throughout.

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