Exodus Leaders Notes Session 1

Session 1This session highlights what Dr. Smith calls the “conspicuous absence” of God. God had made some pretty big promises to Abraham concerning his descendants. They were to flourish in a promised land that was rich and fertile. But in the beginning of Exodus, we find the Israelite people in slavery. They have been crying out to God for rescue for nearly 400 years, yet His help has not come. But was God really absent or was He simply behind the scenes?

We all experience times when we wonder what God is doing and why He has seemingly abandoned us. We desperately want to be rescued from the situation we are facing. We can look at the Israelites experience and know 1) that God is still there even when we can’t see Him and 2) that it is good and healthy to voice our pain and fears to God. He does hear us and He will respond at the perfect time to accomplish His perfect plan for our lives. Sometimes that perfect plan requires us to endure some difficult times, but God will be with us.


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