Matthew's Book Leader Notes - Session 10

Matthew 6:19-34 The main point of this section is summed up well in the word priorities.  Some have mistakenly used these verses to say that we should despise anything of this world and the only worthwhile things are those that have “eternal value.”  If that is the case, then God seems to have wasted a lot of energy creating a world of great beauty.  After all, what is the “eternal value” of a beautiful flower or a sunrise?

Instead, Jesus is teaching us to live in and value this life in light of God and His presence with us.  As we make God our priority, everything else falls into perspective.  Rather than our desire, our money becomes a way to honor God and advance His Kingdom.  Rather than our prize, our possessions become necessary tools for living and also a means to help those in need.

When our priorities are the things of this world rather than God, our lives will be marked by worry.  When we are focused on what we can acquire rather than the One who can give us all good things, we experience fear because of our limited ability to acquire these things and we will have a strong fear of losing what we are able to acquire.

When we make God and His Kingdom our priority, we do not turn our backs on the things of this world, but we see them for what they truly are and we can live in freedom and joy knowing that God will be faithful to provide for us.

Bonus: I came across an interesting analogy to help us appreciate verses 22-23 more.  Imagine driving a car in the dark.  If the headlights are working, you can see clearly to navigate the turns.  If the headlights are dim or not functioning, then the darkness is 1000 times more dangerous and you are in a world of trouble!  When our priority is anything other than God, it’s like trying to navigate life in the dark without headlights.

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