Matthew's Book Leader Notes - Session 5

Matthew 5:21-26 One of my daughters saw the title of this session on the TV screen and said, "I bet you never want me to watch the video that has the word 'stupid' in the title!" :)

In reality, we very much need to hear what Jesus has to say in these verses.  Here, Jesus takes the teachings of the Old Testament and reveals how He is taking them to a whole new level.  Much of the Old Testament laws were directed at the external life.  Commands to not murder, not steal, etc. all dealt with external actions.  Jesus takes those commands to a new level by applying them to the internal life.  Most of us can say we have never murdered someone...but can we honestly say we have never reacted to someone out of anger or said hurtful things to someone?  This is such a big deal that Jesus says it even interferes with our worship of and connection with God.

We live in a world that is quick to tear people down and hurt them deeply.  Jesus calls us to live a life of love so strong (through His Spirit) that even we are angry, we don't cause hurt and pain to others.

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