Important schedule updates

Hi, Everyone, I have some important scheduling updates to give you for Journey Groups. Some of these I have shared in group meetings already, but some will be new.

  1. As we discussed at the last Leadership Community Night, the Leadership Community Night scheduled for Sunday, November 6, has been decentralized and will happen in living rooms rather than at CCC. This means that we are NOT hosting a gathering at CCC on November 6. Instead, the Journey Group Coaches will meet with their leaders sometime during the month of November and December. For those leaders who are not yet connected with a Coach, you will be hearing from me individually.
  2. We are canceling the Mid-Year Huddle planned for January 7 in order to place more emphasis on Accelerate(CCC's whole church leadership event) that's scheduled for Monday, February 6. Accelerate will give us the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged by an internationally recognized leader in the Christian community. I also want to offer some opportunity for us to debrief and interact on what we learn as it relates to Journey Groups...but I'm still working out those details.
  3. GroupLink is scheduled for Friday, January 20. If you are looking to add people to your group, this will be an excellent opportunity to network with people who want to join a Journey Group. We will be asking for your RSVP to be there in the coming months. I encourage you to bring up the opportunity with your group members and get their input.

Here is an updated copy of the Year-At-A-Glance calendar that you can print off and read each night before you go to sleep (we can help with counseling if you actually do this). If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me an email ( or give me a call (402-938-1562)!


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