March Leadership Development

Hey, case you missed the last Leadership Development, here are the basics. The topic was leading in difficult dynamics. We brainstormed a list of challenging group dynamics, covered a few basic principles (here are the notes - Dynamics worksheet - with notes), then spent the rest of the time discussing specific dynamics around tables and sharing our best thoughts with each other. Here are a few practical take aways that surfaced:

  • For the over-talker - focus their energy by asking them to help others engage in the discussion (give them something to do other than share their thoughts)
  • For sporadic attendance - ask people to own part of the agenda or provide something particular for the group so that they have a stronger reason to show up
  • For child care - rotate a different adult with the kids every 15 minutes so that no one misses too much of the group time and the kids are always supervised

These are just a few of the great ideas that surfaced from the table discussions. If you're facing a difficult dynamic in your group, I encourage you to talk with your coach or other leaders and get their ideas and input. There are solutions out there!


p.s. - you can always call (402-938-1562) or email me ( too!

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